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What SexSolutions Can Do For You

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Welcome to the first SEX SOLUTIONS blog post!

I'm Dr. Victoria Lee, psychologist and sex therapist. I want us all to re-invent sex for the 21st century. I want to help you replace performance anxiety with self-acceptance and with creating a no-fail zone in your bedroom.

If your heart longs for an intimate life that is more joyful and satisfying than ever before, this site is meant for you. With over 25 years experience assisting couples of all kinds, I know for sure that good information about sexual difficulties is really difficult to find; all of us need it at times.

Millions of couples find it uncomfortable to communicate clearly and specifically about what they want sexually--what feels good, what hurts, what each longs for. Module #3 on sexual communication offers strategies and action steps to solve this.

Each of the other Modules offers you professional solutions and action steps to solve problems that trouble millions of people; these are the same effective solutions you would learn if you decided to use Facetime or Skype to arrange consultation or coaching with me, or if you came to my office in El Sobrante, CA for couples counseling or sex therapy. For many who read these words, these very affordable video modules will be enough. Each one comes with a money back guarantee. I wish you joy!